jPOS Training

We regularly host 3 day jPOS training seminars in Montevideo/Uruguay. These intense full-day sessions target existing jPOS users willing to get deep into the inner workings of jPOS, Q2 and jPOS-EE.

Training schedule:

Day 1:

  • Welcome and Setup
    Logon to training servers, SVN configuration.
  • Building HEAD
    Get to know how to build from SVN.
  • Cool versus Deprecated
    Get to know our roadmap, what's stable, what's supported, what's new and what was good but is going to get deprecated in the long run.
  • jPOS approach to ISO-8583
    Packagers, Channels, Filters, Servers, Muxes and RequestListeners.

  • ISO-8583 over SSL
    SocketFactories, server authentication, client authentication.
  • Security - jPOS approach to ANS X9.24
    Tamper resistant security modules (TRSM), software based security module (SSM), PinPads, PinBlocks, Local Master Keys, Master/Session Keys, Key loading, Dynamic Key Exchange, Derived Unique Key per Transaction (DUKPT).
  • Q & A

Day 2:

  • The Spaces
    local, persistent, remote.
  • From QSP to Q2
    When and why migrate, migration roadmap.
  • Q2 hands on
    Design description, JMX and classloading. Using Q2 for standalone one-shot applications.
  • Using existing QBeans
    Adaptors to QSP components, Q2 specific QBeans.

  • Writing your own QBeans
    QBeanSupport, MBean support, attributes and properties.
  • Scripting support
    BeanShell and Jython
  • Encrypted descriptors
    Protecting your configuration from occasional lurkers.
  • jPOS/Q2 Swing UI
    ISOMeters, High level XML based UI configuration.
  • Transaction Manager
    Why you need 2 phase commit. Designing your application around the Transaction Manager. Designing your TM 'Context'.
  • Q & A

Day 3:

    The Component Framework. Why we need it, how you can benefit from it.
  • Existing modules
    eecore, eetxn, hibernate, jetty, etc.
  • Unit testing
    Low level testing with JUnit
    High level unit testing with the client and serversimulators.

  • Work in progress modules
    jPOS-EE web based user interface.
  • Writing your own modules
  • High Availability with jPOS-HA
    Q2 cluster with jPOS-HA module.
  • Q & A

Prerequisites and notes:


USD 2500 per developer seat.

Training material:

For additional information, including hotel corporate discount rates and seat availability please contact or call at +1.305.704.3620