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jPOS Resources


  • The latest released version is 2.1.8
  • Development version is 2.1.9-SNAPSHOT.
  • See the ChangeLog for details.

jPOS follows a semantic versioning scheme. The 2.x.x series is designed to work with Java versions ranging from 1.8 up to 11, and it's worth noting that it can also run successfully on Java 17. For those interested in the 'next' branch, jPOS 3.x.x, it requires Java 21 due to its extensive utilization of Virtual Threads. See jPOS next's announcement for further details.

Mailing list

The jpos-users mailing list is the place to post user-specific questions. Make sure you browse the archives as your question might has been answered already.

jPOS Slack

There's a jPOS Slack with an active community of developers and handy #support and #commits channels. (request invite).

Github repositories

jPOS projects are located at

Maven Repositories

jPOS stable releases are published to Maven Central. jPOS-EE as well as jPOS SNAPSHOT releases are published to jPOS Maven Repository.