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New jPOS project - miniGL

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

Many jPOS based applications have to deal with accounts and have to accurately and efficiently keep track of its transactions and balances.

I found myself writing ad-hoc transaction logging software using custom database schemas and balance calculation strategies over and over, and I think this may have happened to many of you as well.

While writting custom logic is certainly a feasible option and may seem like the simplest approach, code that looks okay in a test environment may degrade once you load it with hundreds of millions of transactions.

Code that passes all tests in a development environment may encounter nasty problems under heavy load, caused by race conditions, poor performance, etc. And then you need a myriad of supporting applications for extracts, analysis, reporting, data-entry, UI, etc. that have to be customized to your unique data model.

miniGL attempts to address this problem by providing a minimalistic solution to the recurring task of safely and efficiently keeping track of accounts.

While doing so, miniGL explores the possibility of leveraging double-entry accounting methods in situations were one would tend to use just single-entry.

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