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jPOS HA Service

· 2 min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/ jPOS High Availability Service can be used to create a cluster of nodes where one of the nodes is used as a MASTER and the other(s) as SLAVE(S). A typical setup involves jPOS HA taking responsibility for standing-in with a virtual IP address in the cluster. In addition to providing peace of mind to your jPOS-EE installation, the HA Service has proven to be extremely useful when rolling out new software versions in a production environment, you roll it on a slave, then just disconnect the master, the slave becomes the new master running the new software. Should something go wrong, you re-connect the old master and disconnect the new one, that's something you can even do at the RJ45 patchbox level, which may be faster than typing commands under high pressure. jPOS-EE documentation has been updated and the jPOS-HA module is available for download . We have to thank Dave for his work in this module and for deploying it in several mission critical systems under his control. Dave is now enjoying a well deserved vacation in Europe, certainly confident that should something goes wrong with a master node, the slave will pick up the load ... he may be also crossing his fingers ... just in case ... Smiley