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Small World

· 2 min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/

For some time, my brother in law, who lives in Brasil, has been talking to me about his girlfriend's sister's husband (aka his brother in law) and the fact that he was a brilliant programmer, a genious! I went 'oh yeah... great' but honestly, I didn't pay too much attention.

Recently, he came to our place to spend with us Dec 31th, and he said that his girlfriend, along with her sister and husband (the brilliant programmer) were keen to come too, but they couldn't find a hotel (we were at a resort town, fully booked for the holiday season).

While I was cooking a BBQ , he went talking about how the guy has moved to the US, that he gives keynotes in many conferences, etc. etc. and after a few hours, he said, you might know him, his name is Miguel de Icaza.


I was shocked! I could have booked a hotel 6 months in advance, we could have hosted them at our place!

Damn, I missed this great oportunity to shake hands with a programmer of the caliber of Miguel! Lesson learnt, do not > /dev/null all what your in-law family members have to say ... :)

On the bright side, Miguel didn't have the chance to visit Punta del Este (a very nice city), but he saved himself a long rap about jPOS ... I have a Mono T-shirt now, sent by the author, and I expect him to get his jPOS T-shirt soon (on its way...) Small world, huh?