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The Gladiators Team

· 2 min read
Alejandro Revilla

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The Gladiators Team I´ve spent last week working with Andy and an amazing team of top-notch developers that are building what I think is the biggest jPOS application ever. Code-named "The Gladiators Team", this group is developing a next-generation acquiring switch capable of delivering 900 tps continuous throughput. I was glad to see they are pushing jPOS to its limits using the latest and greatest features such as the TransactionManager´s continuations support. We found and fixed some nasty bugs that were not showing up under light load, there´s now a Context.resume() operation (you no longer need to re-queue a paused transaction), paused transactions can now have an expiration (they get automatically continued by the transaction manager) and we worked out a new interface for the MUX that will be able to operate asynchronously by using the new ISOResponseListener interface. The Gladiators Team They have some really good requirements related to system monitoring, realtime re-configuration and stats collecting so you can expect changes in jPOS in that front during the following weeks. (you can follow the changes in the jpos-commits feed). Working with this team for a full week was a learning experience, I learnt from their system architect (a very realistic, YAGNI-oriented type) that they use stochastics in their load simulation, a technique that allows them to simulate a production environment in a very realistic way. This makes a lot of sense, you don´t usually get 900 tps from a single source, you get connections from thousands of different merchants and dozens of acquirers simultaneously producing different kind of loads. You can expect some improvements in our clientsimulator in the future. This is not a 900 tps peak system, it is a 900 tps continuous system (they can probably peak at way above the 2000 tps mark). I got word yesterday that they managed to run the system at full 900 tps for 12 hours (not bad, huh?). The good news: four members of this team are now jPOS committers and their company is extremely open-source friendly, so we can expect great contributions from them in the near future. Ansar, Tushar, Manoj and Vishnu, Welcome!. I´m looking forward to see you again guys, (specially on Fridays :))