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Seven Fallacies of jPOS applications

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/ Here is IMO the top seven fallacies of jPOS applications:

  1. My single point of failure is very reliable
  2. My online application is so fast that I can do most of my inherently batch operations in realtime.
  3. I can trust my RDBMS/Application Server, it has replication/clustering!
  4. My RDBMS is so fast that it will never be the bottleneck so a caching strategy is not required.
  5. I don´t need an offline reporting/querying system, I can retain more data and run my reporting and ad-hoc queries against the online database
  6. Flow and load control are not required, My jPOS application will handle peaks and remote endpoint slowdowns gracefully.
  7. Automated tests and load tests are not required, we coded the application very carefully.