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Trust but verify your version number

· 2 min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/ Reading the Payment Systems blog I came accross this other excellent PCI answers blog. After reading Trust but verify your POS system I got to re-read the list of validated payment applications. The PABP requirement #1 clearly says: Do not retain full magnetic stripe, card validation code or value (CAV2, CID, CVC2, CVV2), or PIN block data. I'm working on several jPOS systems that connect to some of the systems listed there and it's nice to see incoming 220s and 420s with lovely data elements 35 and 45 from time to time. Those are SAF-ed messages and I wonder how the hell they manage to not store sensitive data on disk, not even in encrypted form, but they are still able to send it over in store and forward messages that sometimes arrive at our end a couple of days later when our test platform is not active.

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I think the PABP list is nice, but it will take a lot of time to get customer sites upgraded to PABP compliant versions of the products mentioned there. The customer have a false sense of security because their provider is listed there, but the version they are running is not that good. Bottom line, Trust but verify your POS system but also verify your acquirer's software version number.