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New Record - 1050 TPS, 0.5 secs response time

· 2 min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/ I though that the 900 TPS jPOS system developed by The Gladiators was a record, but I'm in conversations with a jPOS PEP developer and I was impressed by some of his comments: I got a permission to quote some parts of our chat:

  • We made performance tests using jPOS and it scaled very well. We are inserting jPOS in an ATM system for [customer name removed]

  • We hope in a few months we gonna have a large number of ATMs using it.

  • We made tests and for a complete transaction with data base access, log generation, and state machine control we got 1.050 tps in a central system.

  • The goal was to achieve 700 tps with a maximum time of 1,5 seconds. We got 1050 with 0,5 response time for the complete transaction. Including the authorization. We made the tests in three platforms:

    • zOS + Websphere + DB2;
    • Dell x86 + Linux  + JBoss + Postgres;
    • Sparc + Solaris + SjSAS + Oracle;

    The configurations were big, but the best performance we reached in zOs and with Dell+Linux(Debian). Both were very close in the final result.

I'm happily impressed, and you?