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JRuby support

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

/by apr/ I've spent a great time listening to great talks at RubyConf Uruguay organized by Cubox. Now I totally understand when they say "Old School Teamwork Fun People, Serious pros: The mix you’re looking for" in their website. It is exactly that. I was delighted to listen to Charles Nutter (JRuby's author) talk but was sad with this tweet from him a few hours ago: Headius Sad So I tried latest JRuby on latest jPOS, it took just a few minutes. I've added an optional 'jruby' module to jPOS-EE (just depends on the 'commons' module) and you can now deploy a QBean that looks like this:

puts "Hello jRuby!"

And that's all there is to it :) If you want to try this in a new small project, you can follow the HOWTO in jPOS Project Guide around page 35, just add the 'commons' and 'jruby' module as svn:externals, and you'd be ready to go. And the output, you guess it: Hello jRuby! Mr. Nutter, Welcome to this southern Montevideo and beware with the dogs here :)