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jPOS 1.8 series

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

Starting in jPOS 1.8, we are going to manage jPOS builds using Maven. There's a mvn branch soon to be merged with master. It seems 1.7.2 will be the last version of the old series managed by 'ant', will jump to 1.8.0 soon. You can try 1.8.2 by adding to your pom.xml:

jpos jPOS Central Repository default

org.jpos jpos 1.8.2

1.7.2 has already been committed to jPOS EE. We'll continue with the old module-based build system on jPOS-EE for a while. UPDATE: changed 1.8-SNAPSHOT to 1.8.0 UPDATE: changed 1.8-SNAPSHOT to 1.8.2