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jPOS 1.8.9 templates

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

In jPOS 1.8.8 we had a nice Maven Archetype that got lost in our move to Gradle. As a replacement, in 1.8.9 we have a lightweight [](jPOS template) project that you can fork or download. Just rename with your own project name and you are ready to go. The following commands will create you a sample Eclipse project:

git clone git:// mv jPOS-template myproject cd myproject ./gradlew eclipse

In order to run jPOS, you can:

./gradlew installApp cd build/install/myproject bin/q2

You can create your own source files in src/main/java and resources in src/main/resources. The directory structure is pretty much the standard Maven one.

./gradlew tasks

Is your friend. UPDATE: Changed installApp task to use standard build/install instead of runtime directory.