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jPOS 1.9.4 released

· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

jPOS 1.9.4 has been released and it includes the following changes, most notably OSGi support.

  • Added len,description constructor to IF_NOP
  • Added IFB_LLHEX (can be used to deal with encrypted track2s)
  • Added HexNibblesPrefixer (required by IFB_LLHEX)
  • Added OSGi support
  • Added 'qnode' (OSGi testbed)
  • DirPoll now supports file compression
  • Profiler can be reenabled
  • TransactionManager PAUSED transactions reuse profiler to provide combined elapsed times
  • Added org.jpos.iso.GenericSSLSocketFactory
  • jPOS-105 QServer should unregister as a space listener
  • jPOS-106 ChannelAdaptor reconnect flag uses non serializable Object
  • jPOS-108 FSDMsg consuming input stream
  • DirPoll.scan is now protected
  • MUX interface now extends ISOSource
  • QMUX.send now checks isConnected()
  • DirPoll now accepts a priority.regex boolean property (73c2f84)
  • jPOS-110 QMUX major start-up issue (1526dab)
  • DirPoll Retry when archive.timestamp is set to true (pull/33)
  • Generate optional app specific version info 02f739a

See full ChangeLog.

1.9.4 is available in Maven Central.