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· One min read
Alejandro Revilla

There's a new handy org.jpos.transaction.TxnId class in the jPOS-EE txn module that can be used to generate transaction ids in multi-node systems.

The id is composed of:

  • 1-digit century
  • 2-digits year
  • 3-digits day of year
  • 5-digits second of day
  • 3-digits node id
  • 5-digits transaction id

A typical ID long value would look like this: 173000702600000001, and the toString() method would show as 017-300-07026-000-00001 and the toRrn() method would return 1bbfmplq9la9.

TxnId also has a handy toRrn() method that can be used to create (and parse) 12-characters strings suitable to be used as retrieval reference numbers.

TxnId can be used instead of UUIDs. It puts less pressure in the database index and provides chronological order.

NOTE: The last two groups, node-id and transaction-id are supposed to be unique. transaction-id is easy to get from the transaction manager and node-id is a tricky one, user has to ensure each node has a unique node-id to avoid collisions.

Sample usage:

TxnId txnId = TxnId.create(, 0, id);